My Massage Message // Let go

Life seems to be getting more and more fast paced. Booking a massage can be a great way to help you slow down and re-center your energy.

I can tell when people have been extremely busy because they struggle to relax. They lay on the massage table and become physically still, however their minds are still ticking over all the things they have to do next..

Pick up the kids, wash the dog, post the mail blah blah blah blah scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The list goes on and on. A couple of times I have had clients that I could tell were mentally fixed on all the things their future self had to do. And by the time they begin to actually let go and relax, the massage is almost over and the monkey mind has wasted 50 minutes fixed on picking up a loaf of bread on the way home.

My advice? That is ‘Future Yous’ problem. ‘Present You’ is currently being gifted a wonderful massage that ‘Past You’ thought was much needed and deserved. Let go, be present and take full advantage of this special time.

Calm your mind.
Feel your body.

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Melt into the massage table. Let your body go completely floppy and allow your massage therapist to handle your limbs. Give yourself the gift of being completely present. You will definitely feel better for it!


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