My Massage Message // The Power of Touch

Since I decided to commit to writing these messages, every week I finish a piece of writing and wonder what it is that I’ll write about next. So far, the universe has gently landed each topic right in front of me, and this weeks message is no exception. “The power of touch” are words that were mentioned by two of my regular clients yesterday when they were explaining to me how therapeutic it felt to receive a professional touch. I had to giggle the second time I heard it and thought “wow this kind of guidance couldn’t get any clearer”

So here it is. My Massage Message about The Power of Touch.

The word massage is thought to be derived from several different sources. The latin root massa and the Greek roots massein and masso mean to touch, handle, squeeze or knead. The French verb masser also means to knead. The Arabic root mass or mass’h and the sanskrit word makeh translate to “press softly”.

-Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, Third Edition, 2004

We know that massage is beneficial for many reasons. One is the feeling of relaxation that we adapt when receiving a massage. Part of the reason we feel this sense of calm, is because our skin is being touched. The skin is the largest sensory organ in the body and it has many useful functions. In relation to massage or the application of touch, your skin, when stimulated by touch, also stimulates the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates the visceral and chemical homeostasis of the body (our organs and hormones). Because this part of our system is highly responsive to skin stimulation, the power of touch is simply positive for our wellbeing.

Many studies have concluded that ’touch’ is a necessary part of our survival. We also know this deep in the fibre of our being because as humans, we long for and thrive much better when we feel connected. Touch can achieve this connection and although it is difficult to explain the experience on all levels, we know that It is important. In some way, the experience of touch works to enliven us with sensations of pleasure, connectedness, joy, pain, sadness, longing and satisfaction.

This is the Power of Touch. It is apart of what makes us thrive and survive.


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