My Massage Message // Drink plenty of water

This one is very simple and I know we’ve all heard it before:

Drink plenty of water.

After a massage this is particularly important. For those of you who have had a massage or receive them regularly, your therapist has most likely offered you a glass and told you to drink plenty. Here’s why we say it..

Your massage therapist has learned how to feel knots in your muscles. These knots can be painful and limiting to your range of movement, so we aim to release them. Put simply, a knot is a build up of metabolic waste that has become trapped in the muscle. It can create a blockage that limits blood supply to the area, therefore restricting all the good stuff in the blood that helps the muscle to heal and repair.  Once identified, we massage over them and apply a variety of techniques and pressures. The knot or waste, is slowly broken up and released from the muscle so it can enter your blood stream. Through the blood, this waste can now travel around the body and make its way to various organs for filtration and removal.

Ensuring you are well hydrated is a good choice in any case. Our bodies are mostly made of water and we need it to operate at a cellular level. Massage increases circulation and really gets everything moving. Drinking water after a massage will assist these bodily processes.

Hydrate. Feel great.


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